How To Take a Photo

How To Take a Photo On the Instax MINI 9

Fujifilm has launched a line of instant cameras that allow you to take high-quality photos and immediately print them on small photo cards. The cameras are characterized by light weight, compact size, stylish design and high functionality. The devices, which already have 12 models in the line, are rapidly gaining popularity and are used for photography on travel, at parties and at parties. Fujifilm’s instant cameras are bringing value back to paper stills in the age of media and virtual photo albums.

One of the representatives of the line is the Instax mini 9, which shooting modes allow you to take vivid and expressive self-portraits and pictures with balanced contrast. This device is intended for hobbyists, is characterized by ease of use and is in an affordable price segment. In this article, we will look at the main parameters of Instax mini 9, how to use the camera, explore its capabilities and differences from other models.


The device has a small size – 116 x 118.3 x 68.2 mm, light weight and fits comfortably in the hand. The camera is available in several colors: pink, blue, green, light blue and gray. The model has the following technical features:

  • mini image format – 62 mm x 46 mm;
  • special mirror for selfie;
  • additional macro lens included for close-up photography;
  • Hi-Key function to increase brightness – it gives diffused light and is optimal when shooting against a light source;
  • automatic flash with 5 modes of operation and a light indicator that will tell you the optimal setting for different lighting conditions.

Fujifilm Instax mini branded film is used for developing photos, which is available in convenient cartridges. The device is easy to use – you do not need to have special skills to use the camera. Even a child will understand how to take pictures on Instax mini 9, and a simple instruction in Russian in the kit will help with this.


The technical capabilities of the model allow you to take warm shots with soft light, high-quality selfies, sharp macro photography. The camera perfectly captures objects at a distance of 1 to 3 meters. A special mirror next to the lens will simplify the process of taking self-portraits and optimally compose the frame.

It is easy to take the most harmonious photos in terms of exposure, because in the shooting mode Instax mini 9 “catches” the light automatically. The device is perfect for taking photos with friends, family, pets. Pictures can be stored in a visible place, carried with you, used as creative business cards, or collected in your home photo album.


Instax mini 9 has the most essential features to create cool snapshots. Fujifilm has higher specs and more advanced features to take different factors into account when shooting and process images before printing. The Instax mini 9 is more suitable for those who want to capture and share joyful moments with loved ones, collecting a collection of attractions, interesting people and landscapes than for photographers with high demands on technical details.

The model is perfect as a gift, as it has an attractive design and nice packaging. Thanks to its compact size, the camera can be a great companion when traveling and walking. The magic of Fujifilm Instax is that every shot is unique, and the variety of cartridges allows you to frame your shots according to your mood.

If you have not yet decided which of the instant camera models to choose from, check out the descriptions and reviews of the devices on the Internet and on the official Instax website. There you will also find all the necessary components and branded consumables that will be useful in creating your personal mini-masterpieces.