GPS Navigator

What is a GPS Navigator and How do you Choose One?

If you are shopping for a new GPS navigator, then you should know that there are many different types to choose from. The first thing to do is figure out what type of GPS navigator will work best with your needs. There are two main types of GPS navigators: car and handheld. Car models come in both dashboard-mounted and built-in varieties, while handheld models can be used on foot or mounted on bicycles or motorcycles.

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How To Take a Photo

How To Take a Photo On the Instax MINI 9

Fujifilm has launched a line of instant cameras that allow you to take high-quality photos and immediately print them on small photo cards. The cameras are characterized by light weight, compact size, stylish design and high functionality. The devices, which already have 12 models in the line, are rapidly gaining popularity and are used for photography on travel, at parties and at parties. Fujifilm’s instant cameras are bringing value back to paper stills in the age of media and virtual photo albums.

One of the representatives of the line is the Instax mini 9, which shooting modes allow you to take vivid and expressive self-portraits and pictures with balanced contrast. This device is intended for hobbyists, is characterized by ease of use and is in an affordable price segment. In this article, we will look at the main parameters of Instax mini 9, how to use the camera, explore its capabilities and differences from other models.


The device has a small size – 116 x 118.3 x 68.2 mm, light weight and fits comfortably in the hand. The camera is available in several colors: pink, blue, green, light blue and gray. The model has the following technical features:

  • mini image format – 62 mm x 46 mm;
  • special mirror for selfie;
  • additional macro lens included for close-up photography;
  • Hi-Key function to increase brightness – it gives diffused light and is optimal when shooting against a light source;
  • automatic flash with 5 modes of operation and a light indicator that will tell you the optimal setting for different lighting conditions.

Fujifilm Instax mini branded film is used for developing photos, which is available in convenient cartridges. The device is easy to use – you do not need to have special skills to use the camera. Even a child will understand how to take pictures on Instax mini 9, and a simple instruction in Russian in the kit will help with this.


The technical capabilities of the model allow you to take warm shots with soft light, high-quality selfies, sharp macro photography. The camera perfectly captures objects at a distance of 1 to 3 meters. A special mirror next to the lens will simplify the process of taking self-portraits and optimally compose the frame.

It is easy to take the most harmonious photos in terms of exposure, because in the shooting mode Instax mini 9 “catches” the light automatically. The device is perfect for taking photos with friends, family, pets. Pictures can be stored in a visible place, carried with you, used as creative business cards, or collected in your home photo album.


Instax mini 9 has the most essential features to create cool snapshots. Fujifilm has higher specs and more advanced features to take different factors into account when shooting and process images before printing. The Instax mini 9 is more suitable for those who want to capture and share joyful moments with loved ones, collecting a collection of attractions, interesting people and landscapes than for photographers with high demands on technical details.

The model is perfect as a gift, as it has an attractive design and nice packaging. Thanks to its compact size, the camera can be a great companion when traveling and walking. The magic of Fujifilm Instax is that every shot is unique, and the variety of cartridges allows you to frame your shots according to your mood.

If you have not yet decided which of the instant camera models to choose from, check out the descriptions and reviews of the devices on the Internet and on the official Instax website. There you will also find all the necessary components and branded consumables that will be useful in creating your personal mini-masterpieces.

How to Use the Fujifilm Instax

How to Use the Fujifilm Instax Mini 9

After buying a Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 instant camera, many start looking for articles on the Internet about how to take pictures with this Polaroid, which mode to choose, how to shoot outdoors and indoors, and why the photos turn out to be too dark or , conversely, too light.

From the experience of shooting with the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 and the analogous Fujifilm Instax Mini 9, I will say right away that, most likely, you will not find any special life hikes on how to use the camera. Also, do not reproach yourself for crooked hands and ignorance of photographic basics. You just need to accept the fact that modern fujifilm polaroids are quite limited in terms of shooting conditions and the ability to customize modes. But there are some simple tips on how to take a photo on Instax mini better and clearer:

1. Do not forget to change the mode based on the illuminated indicator light.

After you have turned on the camera by pressing the button next to the lens, the lamp next to the desired mode will light up. You need to twist the lens, aligning the dot on it with the burning light.

2. Do you always need to use the modes that the indicator light suggests?

Most often, yes. According to my experience of shooting outdoors, the optimal modes are “sunny” (bright sun) and “a little cloudy” (just the sun). In these modes, both the background and the subject are optimally lit. If the photo is too light, and you are shooting in the “cloudy” mode, switch it one step higher, that is, to the “dim sun” mode (just the sun), or move to a darker place.

In clear weather, and even more so in the sun, the photos are likely to be overexposed. Hide from direct sunlight under a tree, turn on the “bright sun” mode, try to keep the background dark too (not the sea and sky, but trees, a dark wall, dark clothes will also help). And if the photos are too dark, switch to a step lower, for example from “dim sun” mode to “bright sun” mode.

3. In the room, shoot only in the “house” mode, while the flash fires no further than 1.5-2 m.

Good for the photo you get 2-3 funny faces, no more. When taking a selfie, use a macro lens (the instax mini 9 comes with it, but you can also buy an additional lens in the form of a cat-rabbit-car for a fan) and extend your hand as far as possible from your face. Try to place the camera just above eye level so that there are no “flat faces”.  Selfie lovers know that if you lift the PTZ camera on your smartphone and shoot from above, you get a more natural self-portrait than if you shoot from below or directly in front of you. Unfortunately, the Instax Mini 8/9 lacks a timer and self-timer, which can be very handy when shooting group self-portraits. If you want to shoot yourself with a timer, consider the Instax Mini 70 or Instax Mini 90.

4. At night there is no point in taking pictures with Fujifilm Instax Mini 9.

Only waist-length portraits with flash. If you want to shoot night lights, illuminated buildings, and other elements of big city life, you should buy a Lomo’Instant camera and read a couple of articles on the basics of photography. The Lomo’Instant has manual exposure modes, a tripod connector and other features, but this is a little “for advanced”. Moreover, it has a wider opening, that is, in the dark, with certain skills, quite bearable photos can be obtained. What can not be said about fujifilm instax mini. Maybe try experimenting with the Fuji Instax 90 Neoclassic, which also has a manual exposure mode.

5. How to get sharp photos on Instax Mini?

Well, first of all, Instax photos won’t be as clear as photos on a smartphone. And this has a certain charm of film photography. The distance to the object, if you shoot without a lens, should be at least 60 cm (with a lens – 35 cm).

6. I want to shoot landscapes with Instax Mini 9.

No problem! Just flip the camera 90 degrees and take horizontal photos. In doing so, do not forget to adjust the brightness and avoid too light backgrounds that may be blown out.

7. Can I turn off the flash on my Instax Mini 9?

No you can not. But resourceful momentographers came up with black electrical tape to cover the flash. This is especially helpful if you are taking a photo in front of a mirror. The flash covered with electrical tape will not light you up and leave no glare on the glass. And peeling off the tape is as easy as shelling pears if you need the flash again.

8. How to take good pictures with Instax Mini 9 at home?

First, take photos only in very well-lit rooms. It is desirable that there is even daylight, natural light from the window. Because artificial lighting, which seems bright to our eyes, may not be enough for a film instant camera. If the room is poorly lit, use the HI-KEY mode to increase the exposure of the picture.

Just do not forget to remove this mode when you leave the house on the street – otherwise the photo on the street will turn out to be overexposed.

9. Can you take black and white photos with Instax Mini 9?

Recently, you can! Because there are special Fujifilm Instax Mini Monochrome cartridges. The photos are very cool and artistic.

5 Tips for Growing Great Flowers

5 Tips for Growing Great Flowers

It’s simpler than you might suspect to include wonderful and simple consideration blooms to your front yard. In case you don’t know where to begin, read on!

Tip 1: Pick the Right Landscaping Plants

The main guideline of effective cultivating is to placed the correct plant in the correct spot. Many arranging plants essentially care for themselves when they like where they’re developing. Also, probably the most simple consideration plants can be a test in the event that you develop them in a spot they don’t care for.

Focus on the conditions in your front yard and record the points of interest for the various spaces where you might want to include blooming open air plants. That incorporates what amount direct sun those zones get, how damp the dirt remains after a downpour, and different elements. Depend on these notes when you’re looking for plants at your nursery focus.

Tip 2: Grow Annuals and Perennials

Choose on the off chance that you need to develop annuals, perennials, or a blend of both. Annuals are superb open air plants on the grounds that most blossom continually from spring or summer through fall. Be that as it may, you need to plant them consistently, which a few cultivators don’t care for. Perennials, then again, commonly have a shorter sprout season (many blossom for only half a month), yet return each year and produce more blossoms with every year. A blend of annuals and perennials gives you shading through the seasons, and diminishes the measure of planting you need to do each year.

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Tip 3: Feed the Soil

Treating your arranging plants can assist them with becoming quicker and maybe produce more sprouts, yet encouraging the dirt makes your open air plants considerably more beneficial and delightful. A simple method to do this is to make the progress with an inch or two of manure once per year. As the manure separates, it offers an abundance of advantages past what compost can do. Also you can use special fertilizer and it’s not hard because you can find best liquid fertilizer for flower in the nearest garden shop.

Tip 4: Use Mulch

Covering the dirt with a few crawls of mulch is one of most straightforward approaches to diminish garden upkeep. Mulch stifles weeds and enables the dirt to remain damp longer, so you don’t need to water to such an extent. Additionally, mulch gives your scene a completed, clean look.

Tip 5: Nurse the roots

To have solid plants and plentiful blossoms nurture the roots, and recollect that it is through them the plants ingest supplements and water from the dirt. At the point when you play out the transplant or when you burrow soil around the plant be mindful so as not to cut or harm the roots as though being harmed plant would require a significant stretch of time to recuperate or it might pass on.

What sorts of blooms would you be able to take a stab at planting in your nursery?

Planting blooms in your nursery can be basic and wonderful, it is a procedure that requires time and devotion where you need to design things with the goal that it advances during the time and at last, your nursery looks vivid and excellent as you need.

Care of chrysanthemums

The chrysanthemums are very safe plants that need almost no consideration, despite the fact that it is important to water them routinely and evacuate the wilted blossoms to make new ones.

The right alternative will be to water them when the dirt is dry, particularly on the off chance that they have been developed in pots. What’s more, interestingly, the dirt is constantly wet yet you ought to abstain from wetting the leaves so they don’t come down with ailments, for example, form or the known rust.

Care of gardenias

The consideration of the gardenias experiences picking regions with a decent measure of light, yet without finding them in places where the sun contacts them legitimately, just as by picking water or bombing mineral, since faucet water, It ordinarily is awful for your development.

In summer and furthermore in spring you need to water them normally, continually taking consideration not to flood them and concerning pruning you should keep the conservative structure on the off chance that you need to get the plant to keep developing.

Thinking about bougainvellea

On the off chance that you need to develop bougainvillea proficiently you ought to find it in brilliant spots in the event that you need to get them to prosper and not lose their leaves. In the event that they will be set in the nursery, better where they get lighter and in reference to watering, in summer you need to water at any rate three times each week while in winter, it will be sufficient to watch that the dirt doesn’t dry out.

Balloon Rides

Top 7 Places For Hot-Air Balloon Rides

There’s no other experience like a tourist balloon ride: waking before first light, watching the sun ascend as you float over the slopes and towns beneath, and after that contacting down to a Champagne breakfast. Investigating another spot from the bin of a sight-seeing balloon ride offers a viewpoint you can’t get some other way.

Tourist balloon rides don’t come modest, however in these nine spots they’re certainly justified regardless of the cash, from the vineyards of Tuscany to the sanctuaries of Myanmar. Peruse on to find the world’s best tourist balloon rides.

1. Cappadocia, Turkey

Spotted with cavern inns and supernatural shake arrangements (called “pixie fireplaces” by local people), Cappadocia’s scene is best refreshing from the air. Many organizations offer sight-seeing balloon rides over the Goreme Open-Air Museum, filling the early-morning sky with brilliantly shaded globes that solitary improve the mind blowing view. Suggested administrators incorporate Royal Balloon and Kapadokya Balloons.

2. Bagan, Myanmar (Burma)

Dissipated over the fields of the Bagan district in Myanmar are a large number of memorable sanctuaries, pagodas and cloisters, for the most part worked between the eleventh and thirteenth hundreds of years. You can investigate them by bicycle, taxi or pony drawn truck, however to get a genuine feeling of their degree, bounce into a sight-seeing balloon. The sanctuary remnants look especially excellent by the brilliant light of dawn. Prescribed administrators incorporate Oriental Ballooning and Balloons Over Bagan.

3. Melbourne, Australia

While most sight-seeing hot air balloon rides travel over beautiful wide open, in Melbourne you can appreciate a novel chance to get a bird’s-eye perspective on high rises and boulevards. You’ll float over the city’s tourist spots, including the cricket arena, the Shrine of Remembrance, the Royal Botanic Gardens and the Yarra River. It’s an incredible method to get a diagram of the city previously or subsequent to investigating ashore. Prescribed administrators incorporate Picture This Ballooning and Balloon Flights Over Melbourne.

4. Luxor, Egypt

Float calmly over old sanctuaries, the Nile River and the tombs at the Valley of the Kings on a staggering tourist balloon ride above Luxor, Egypt. In the wake of landing, you’ll have the remainder of the day to visit a couple of the locales you witnessed from the air. Prescribed administrators incorporate Sindbad Hot Air Balloons and Hod Soliman Balloon.

5. Tuscany, Italy

Strolling around Tuscany’s notable slope towns is one travel delight; seeing them from the air in the delicate morning light is another. Keep your camera prepared as you sail over vineyards, stone farmhouses, curious towns and fields of sunflowers. Suggested administrators incorporate Ballooning in Tuscany and Tuscany Ballooning.

6. Queenstown, New Zealand

There are a lot of audacious approaches to see Queenstown from the air, including hang skimming, paragliding, bungee hopping and skydiving. Be that as it may, in case you’re searching for a less hair-bringing approach to take up in the territory’s marvelous vistas, a sight-seeing balloon ride may be only the ticket. Dawn Balloons offers all encompassing perspectives over the Remarkables, Lake Wakatipu and other characteristic attractions in the Queenstown/Arrowtown territory.

7. Sedona, U.S.A.

The well known red rocks of Sedona, Arizona make for a shocking scene unfurling underneath the bushel of your tourist balloon. Watch out for untamed life on the ground, for example, donkey deer and coyotes. Suggested administrators incorporate Red Rock Balloon Adventures and Northern Light Balloon Expeditions.